PIF has expanded its guidance on translating health information in response to member demand. The new guidance looks in more detail at the pros and cons of using machine translation and at options for clinical review of translated material. An expert round-table held in September helped refine the update which also aligns good practice on translation to the 10 PIF TICK criteria.

Our expert panel of speakers discussed the challenges of translation and share projects and approaches.


Sophie Randall, director PIF
Welcome and update

Dr Alice Wood, GP, Cognitant Group 
Is translating health information worth the risk?

Tom Bishop, Anthony Nolan
Webpage translators: Pros & cons for patient info

Kavita Parmar, Chief Operating Officer, Word360
Adapting your communications to reflect your local communities

Hayden Allen-Vercoe, Chief Operations Officer at Virtturi.com, and Laura Townend, Senior Transformation Manager at West Yorkshire ICB
Using avatars to deliver translated information on asthma in Yorkshire

John Callaghan, Project Manager, Damibu
Hyper-localising content

Q&A and panel discussion

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