Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used widely in health to support research and service development. This webinar looks at the potential uses in health information. Speakers explain AI and examine the challenges and opportunities it presents, covering personalisation of information, translation, governance and safety.



Sophie Randall, Director – PIF

Welcome and introduction

Sue Turner OBE – Founding Director, AI Governance

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the way we do our work and run our organisations. In health information, it has huge potential to automate information production, enable the personalisation of information and tailor how it is presented. It can also create new ways to engage with people.

But what is AI? And how can health information specialists harness its power without taking risks that could harm patients, service users or others?

AI governance expert Sue Turner OBE provides the answers and set the scene for this fascinating, timely webinar.

Prof Svenja Adolphs – Professor of English Language and Linguistics, University of Nottingham

Personalisation of Health Information
Using AI to personalise the language used in health information contexts to meet the needs and preferences of different audiences.

Julie Smith – Content Director, EIDO 

The potential benefits and pitfalls of using AI in the creation of patient information
Julie Smith considers the seemingly sudden explosion of AI content into the mainstream and how it can both benefit and threaten the safe creation of patient information.

Vishaal Virani - Head of Health, YouTube UK & Ireland

Expanding the reach of health information through AI dubbing
YouTube Health is aiming to widen access to high quality health information through the responsible use of AI dubbing technology.


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AI Patient Information

The potential benefits and pitfalls of using AI in the creation of patient information


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