The PIF TICK is open to NHS, charity, voluntary and private sector organisations who create and publish health information. The flexible criteria were tested in cross-sector organisations, large and small.


The application and assessment process

  • Apply
  • Pre-consultation
  • Pay Fee
  • Pre Assessment Paperwork
  • Assessment
  • Action Plan
  • Action Plan Implementation
  • Sign off and certification
  • PIF TICK Awarded for 12 months
  • Reassessment and renewal of membership

10 step criteria

The update is an evolution of the existing criteria and was developed in collaboration with our independent steering group. The changes take on board feedback from members and the evolving landscape of health information and health inequalities.

Much has changed since the launch of PIF TICK in 2020 and the original pilot scheme which started in 2019 and the updated criteria place a greater emphasis on inclusion in line with PIF’s strategy.  

"Ensuring health information is produced using the best available evidence and is reviewed regularly remains at the core of PIF TICK,"  said quality mark manager Dan Wills.  


You can view and download the simplified 10 step criteria and assessment cycle below

Image of the 10 criteria

The PIF TICK 10 step criteria and assessment cycle

PIF TICK logo for hero

PIF TICK Criteria


Download the PIF TICK Criteria here and decide if your organisation is ready to apply to the scheme.

A flow chart numbered 1 to 10 to represent the 10 PIF TICK criteria

How the criteria has changed


Fee structure

The fee for PIF TICK is annual and is based on the sector, income and size of the applying organisation. This allows equal access to the scheme for small charities and large corporate organisations.

The scheme is operated on a not-for-profit basis and fees charged cover the cost of operating the scheme.

Group membership is included in the PIF TICK fee.  This provides organisations undertaking PIF TICK with access to a range of resources including How to guides and webinars to support them through the assessment process.You can find out more about the benefits of Group membership here.

Fee ranges

  • Charitable organisation: £500-£3,000 +VAT
  • NHS Trusts and centrally funded organisations: £1,000 +VAT
  • Commercial organisations: £500 +VAT upwards

Application form

Complete the form in the link below to find out the fee that will apply to your organisation.

PIF TICK application form

The PIF TICK – application and assessment process