The PIF TICK is open to NHS, charity, voluntary and private sector organisations producing health information. The application and assessment process is:

  • Apply here
  • Pre-consultation
  • Pay fee
  • Pre assessment
  • Assessment
  • Action plan
  • Action plan implementation
  • Sign off and certification
  • PIF TICK awarded for 12 months
  • Reassessment and renewal of membership


A summary of the 10 key PIF TICK criteria is below. Please read this before applying.

Image of the 10 criteria

The PIF TICK 10 step criteria and assessment cycle

PIF TICK logo for hero

PIF TICK criteria


Download a summary of the PIF TICK criteria and decide if your organisation is ready to apply.

A flow chart numbered 1 to 10 to represent the 10 PIF TICK criteria

How the criteria has changed


The PIF TICK – application and assessment process