What does the PIF TICK certify?

The scheme certifies an organisation’s information production process against robust criteria. We can’t check every individual item but during assessment random job bags are selected to ensure the process has been applied consistently. Annual spot checking will also take place to monitor the use of the logo.

How can the PIF TICK be used?

The PIF TICK can be used on any item produced using the approved process. This applies to all media.


Who will do the assessments? 

PIF will carry out the assessments. Dan Wills, an experienced trainer and assessor, has been appointed as manager and lead assessor of the scheme.


How often will the assessments be repeated? 

Assessment will be carried out annually. The first assessment will always be a full review of an organisation’s process. Subsequent assessments will be needs-based and may be carried out remotely. There will be no self assessments.


Will there be third parties involved?

This scheme will be run and assessed by PIF.


Will there be a logo? 

Yes, this is the PIF TICK.


What value did pilot organisations find in the scheme?

The pilot organisations found equal value in mapping their processes against the criteria, the assessment visit itself and the resulting action plan.

  • 100% felt the scheme helped maintain or improve internal processes and procedures
  • 90% made changes to their internal processes as a result of the assessment
  • 100% would recommend the scheme to other organisations
  • They described the assessment as informative (100%), robust (90%) and supportive (90%).


Is there public demand for an information quality mark?

Our consumer research found more than 80% of the public would look for an information quality mark.


How will you deal with public complaints about information resources?

PIF is certifying the information production process rather than individual items of information, although we will carry out spot checks to make sure the process is applied consistently. We expect the public to exhaust the feedback processes operated by the PIF TICK member before contacting us with a complaint about information.


Why should we join?

The scheme will demonstrate to other organisations and members of the public that you have a robust process in place. It will also give you the opportunity to review your own process with an external team and receive support and guidance on best practice.