What does PIF TICK stand for?

PIF stands for Patient Information Forum. It is a membership body of individuals and organisations that produce health information for patients.

The PIF TICK is a health information quality mark. It is a way to identify Trusted Information Creators who produce content that meets the 10 PIF TICK criteria.

What are the benefits of having the PIF TICK?

The PIF TICK shows your audience you are a Trusted Information Creator and your information is evidence-based, accurate, and regularly reviewed. It also opens up opportunities to collaborate with other PIF TICK accredited members.

In a 2024 survey, organisations and individuals found the PIF TICK helped streamline their health information production process and improve the quality of health information they produce.

As a PIF TICK member, you also get:

  • Access to full PIF guidance on best practice for producing health information, including posters, reports and publications, and how-to guides
  • Exclusive access to member-only webinars and networking events
  • Discounted CPD-accredited training, such as our Writing Health Information workshop
  • Use of Ask the Membership and the Discussion Forum to ask fellow PIF TICK members questions
  • Discounted use of the Sounding Board to peer review your health information, and the option to apply to be a reviewer
  • The PIF Aware weekly newsletter with the latest updates on health information and events

How much does the PIF TICK cost?

The PIF TICK fee is annual. The cost is based on the sector, income and size of the applying organisation or individual. This allows equal access to the scheme for individuals, small charities and large private organisations.

The PIF TICK operates on a not-for-profit basis. Fees cover the cost of operating the scheme.

How can the PIF TICK be used? 

The PIF TICK logo can be used on any type of health information produced using the assessed creation process. This applies to media including blogs, videos, podcasts, printed or digital leaflets.

The PIF TICK cannot be used on promotional materials, but can be placed on health information produced with the support of a sponsor that is independent from the creation process.

Who will carry out PIF TICK assessments?

There are five people who will carry out PIF TICK assessments: Dan Wills, Susan Smith, Virginia Chachati, Marie Clegg, and Claire Utting.

Dan Wills is the PIF TICK quality mark manager who oversees all PIF TICK assessments.

Assessors are trained by Dan Wills, and assessments are quality-assured by a second assessor.

How long does it take to complete a PIF TICK assessment? 

It takes around three months to complete your first PIF TICK assessment. Your next PIF TICK assessment is quicker to complete.

You will work with your dedicated assessor to complete your PIF TICK assessment and meet all 10 criteria to the best of your ability. You can email or request a video call with your assessor at any time.

To support your PIF TICK assessment, you will have access to:

  • Online resources, including posters, videos, and how-to guides 
  • Recorded and live webinars
  • Training workshops

How often do you get a PIF TICK assessment?

You will have a PIF TICK assessment every year.

You may be selected for an Information Assessment after two years. Information Assessments are an opportunity to discuss your experience of using a PIF TICK accredited health information creation process.

Does the public know about the PIF TICK?

We have a dedicated public-facing PIF TICK website.

PIF consumer research found 8 out of 10 people would look for a quality mark on health information. 

The PIF TICK website signposts the public and healthcare professionals to accredited members. 

The PIF TICK has also featured in national and local newspapers. It is widely promoted by its membership including large organisations and individuals with an international following.

We encourage PIF TICK accredited members to use the PIF TICK logo as widely as possible.

Who else assesses the quality of health information?

The Patient Information Forum (PIF) is the only organisation that independently assesses print and digital health information. 

The NHS, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) and YouTube Health have adopted PIF TICK criteria as the standard for creating high quality health information. But they do not offer assessments.