What are the benefits of having the PIF TICK?

Having the PIF TICK shows your health information has been through a professional and robust production process. 

It gives you the opportunity to review your process with an external team and receive support and guidance on best practice.

The PIF TICK assessment process can also help your organisation's risk management strategy. Having a documented process ensures continuity in how information is produced and maintains standards.

PIF TICK is more than just a quality mark for health information.  It helps future proof a business.

Why do we need an external assessment?

Health information producers have told us self assessment does not maintain the same standards as robust external review.

The PIF TICK was created in response to an identified need in the sector.

Knowing an external, independent, assessment will take place ensures processes are adhered to and the best possible health information produced. 

Independent assessment also promotes best practice and knowledge sharing.

How much does PIF TICK cost?

The PIF TICK fee is annual. It is based on the sector, income and size of the applying organisation. This allows equal access to the scheme for small charities and large corporate organisations.

The PIF TICK operates on a not-for-profit basis. Fees cover the cost of operating the scheme.

Group membership is included in the PIF TICK fee. This provides access to a range of resources including guides and free member webinars. Find out more about the benefits of membership here.

How can the PIF TICK be used? 

The PIF TICK logo can be used on any item produced using the approved process. This applies to all media.

Who will carry out the assessments?

Assessments are conducted with Dan Wills, PIF quality manager, or Susan Smith, PIF assessor, via Zoom. 

How long does the process take to complete? 

Once an organisation applies for the PIF TICK it takes approximately three months to prepare for the first assessment.

At all times, the PIF TICK process is supportive. Guidance and advice is available via email and support calls on any aspect of the criteria.

A range of webinars, training and resources are also available to support the accreditation process.

How often will the assessment be repeated?

Assessments take place annually. The first assessment is always a full review of an organisation’s information production process. 

Subsequent assessments are based on issues identified and any changes to processes and procedures that have taken place. There are no self-assessments.

You may be selected for an Information assessment once your certified process is fully established, normally after two years.  Information assessments are designed to ensure the certified information process is implemented when creating new resources. 

What value do organisations find in the PIF TICK?

  • 100% of members say the PIF TICK helps them maintain or improve internal processes and procedures
  • 90% have made changes to their internal processes as a result of the assessment
  • 100% would recommend the PIF TICK to other organisations
  • 100% describe the assessment as informative
  • 90% describe the assessment as both robust and supportive

Does the public know about the PIF TICK?

PIF consumer research found 80% of the public would look for a quality mark on health information. 

The PIF TICK website signposts accredited members to the public and healthcare professionals. 

The PIF TICK has also featured in the Mail on Sunday, local newspapers and is widely promoted by the membership.

We encourage accredited members to use the logo as widely as possible.

Are there other organisations assessing the quality of health information?

The PIF TICK is the UK's only independently-assessed quality mark for print and online health information.

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