The Patient Information Forum (PIF) carries out information assessments to maintain the value and integrity of the PIF TICK, its health information quality mark.

What is an information assessment?

An information assessment looks at information which displays the PIF TICK. We check that:

  • The information meets the PIF TICK criteria
  • The information meets the needs of the audience
  • The PIF TICK approved process has been followed and works in practice

PIF TICK members are selected at random for an information assessment once they have been PIF TICK certified for two years or more.

Why do we carry out information assessments?

The main goal of information assessments is to ensure the PIF TICK is used appropriately and to protect the integrity of the PIF TICK.

Information assessments are part of our process to maintain the PIF TICK as a mark for high quality health information that is:

  • Accessible
  • Evidence-based
  • Regularly reviewed
  • Meets health and digital literacy standards

Information assessments can be part of the process for dealing with valid complaints about PIF TICK accredited information.

What are the benefits of information assessments for PIF TICK members?

There are a number of benefits for PIF TICK members. An information assessment provides:

  • Expert feedback on information, identifying areas for improvements
  • An opportunity to check the PIF TICK health information production process is practical
  • Support for the full PIF TICK assessment, possibly streamlining the next PIF TICK assessment

How are PIF TICK members selected for an information assessment?

PIF TICK members are selected at random for an information assessment after two years of completing PIF TICK assessments. A valid complaint about an item of information may also trigger an information assessment.

How much notice do PIF TICK members have before an information assessment?

PIF TICK members are selected for an information assessment three months before their next assessment date. They are asked to list all health information with a PIF TICK, in any format, created since their last PIF TICK assessment.

PIF TICK members will agree to an assessment date with PIF. PIF will select a maximum of three items of information to assess. PIF TICK members will have 48 hours to upload evidence for their information assessment. 

When do PIF TICK members get their information assessment results?

The results and recommendations of the information assessment will be shared with PIF TICK members at their next PIF TICK assessment.

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