Following the publication of our Health and Digital Literacy Survey we are asking health information providers across the UK to sign a charter showing their commitment to health and digital literacy. 

While the survey showed progress has been made – 60% of organisations are now providing information for those with low literacy or numeracy compared to 35% in 2013 – more work needs to be done.

One of the key recommendations of our report is that organisations producing health information should aspire to become 'health and digital literacy friendly' to help tackle health inequalities.

By signing the charter below you are saying you aspire to make it easier for people to navigate, understand, and use information and services to take care of their health by:

  • Using clear communication (verbal, written, digital)
  • Creating easy-to-use digital tools/websites, printed information and premises
  • Involving people in the development of information as routine and inviting feedback
  • Training staff in health literacy
  • Commit to consider digital exclusion and the equalities impact when introducing new resources.

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