The COVID-19 outbreak has made it impossible to hold face-to-face user engagement. Many patients with long term conditions are at greater risk of the virus or in shielded populations so this is likely to remain the case for some time. Remote user engagement is now an essential part of the information development process.

Our expert panel of speakers provided guidance and first-hand experience of remote user engagement.

Jo Kidd, Communications Manager for Dipex Charity and, looked at techniques for remote user involvement and how to ensure seldom heard groups are not excluded.

Iain McNicol, Head of RA Services at the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, discussed how they involve users in the development of their services using remote techniques.

Helene Feger, Director of Strategy Communications and Engagement at the Professional Records Standards Body, discussed remote stakeholder engagement in the development of their standards.

Dan Wills, PIF’s Quality Manager, provided an update on the user involvement criteria of the PIF TICK, and the adjustments made in the light of COVID-19.

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