1. Numbers, numbers, numbers

Women want statistics on risks, benefits and alternatives to induction and what would happen if they waited for birth to start naturally including:

  • Health conditions
  • Pregnancy beyond 42 weeks
  • Mothers age
  • Babies small and large on growth scans


They also want data on:

  • Side effects of induction for mum and baby
  • Success rates of induction


Less scary language around risks. The risk of stillbirth at late term could be framed as ‘x in 1000’ instead of ‘doubling of the risk since 40 weeks’.


2. A right to know they have a choice and to give informed consent

The word ‘told’ was one of the most common words in comments, used in the context ‘I was told I was being induced’. 74 comments included stronger language:

  • harassed
  • told
  • railroaded
  • fobbed off
  • hounded
  • threatened
  • compelled
  • liar
  • forced
  • coerced
  • manipulated
  • 3. scaremonger
  • bullied
  • pushy
  • twist the truth


3. Supportive conversations

Birth plans do not always go to plan. When that happens women want supportive conversations to understand their options.

With my second baby there was an induction team who were amazing and gave me lots of information. With my first birth this wasn’t available and I felt completely uninformed and unprepared.


4. Process and timeline of induction

Information on the timeline of induction, the cascade of intervention and the impact on use of:

  • birthing pool
  • birthing position
  • time spent in hospital
  • pain relief
  • monitering
  • food


5. Realistic birth plans and earlier information

Women want to make realistic birth plans earlier in their pregnancy which include options for induction including birth plans with options for methods of induction, decision trees and realistic 'what if' scenarios. They also want to hear positive stories of induction.


This survey was a collaborative project between the Patient Information Forum and Norgine Pharmeceuticals Ltd, which includes funding from Norgine. UK-OBS-NP-2100004 

Produced by the Patient Information Forum.

Published December 2021

Due to the nature of this resource it is not on our normal review schedule. It is intended to be a snapshot in time based on results from our 2021 Maternity Decisions survey.


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