Women are entitled to clear information on the risks and benefits of different options in order to make informed decisions about the birth of their babies.

Rates of induction are rising. One in three pregnancies is induced in Great Britain, according to most recent data. 

Earlier this year PIF members raised concerns about availability of information to support decision-making on induction of labour.

PIF responded by collaborating on a survey with maternity charities including Tommy’s, Bliss and Birthrights. 

In August 2021, the survey was shared on social media channels receiving more than 2,000 responses in less than a fortnight.

The results are sobering and show there is much to do to put personalised care and shared decision making into practice in maternity care.

The women who completed the survey were very clear about the need to have better quality, evidence-based, data-led information to help them have a supportive conversation. This is an issue which can and must be addressed immediately, so that women can participate equally and make informed choices about their care.
Sue Farrington – Chair, PIF
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Five ways to improve induction information


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