PIF member The Sleep Charity has launched an eBook with practical tools and information on sleeping better.

The launch comes after a survey by the charity revealed almost 1 in 5 UK adults (16%) regularly sleep poorly. 

Worry and stress are the most common obstacles to a good night’s sleep. Key results include:

  • 29% watch TV to help them drift off
  • 26% listen to music
  • 16% use sleep apps
  • 5% seek professional support and guidance.

The charity says TV can be a distraction from trying to sleep but it sends out blue light which can adversely affect sleep quality. 

Other media content can keep people stimulated and awake.

Poor sleep over a long period can negatively affect mental and physical health.

Understanding your Sleep: A guide to better understanding adult sleep, aims to reassure people affected they are not alone and help is available. 

The charity says, with the right support, things can change. It urges people to get in touch if they are struggling to sleep well. 

Download the new eBook from The Sleep Charity here. 

Resources include social media graphics and posters are available to support the eBook launch.

Download the Adult Sleep eBook asset pack here.