The Professional Records Standards Body  has launched a second survey on sharing information between health and social care.

The new survey is part of an extensive remote consultation to help PRSB develop national standards for safely sharing information between social and health care.

A key area of focus is  ‘about me’ – important information a person wants to share about themselves with their carer or health or care professional.

Helene Feger, director of strategy, communications and engagement at PRSB, spoke about the project during PIF's remote user involvement masterclass on Monday.

In a bid to reach as many people as possible during lockdown, the team held online workshops, used technology to reach people in care and at home and expanded the survey phase.

Users were targeted with different formats – both easy read and mixed media – to increase feedback.

Helene said feedback on an easy read survey, which is suitable for people with limited English language skills, had been positive.

The survey is written following easy read rules – one idea per sentence, no jargon or difficult words and a supporting picture for each idea.

It is accompanied by a fact sheet to help users complete the survey.

All three surveys are still available to complete via the PRSB website.

The first survey, which closes on 17 July, focuses on the information that:

  • People want to share about themselves – 'About Me'
  • The local authority holds about people that would be useful for health and care professionals
  • Care home staff can see when information is shared between health and social care services

The second survey, which closes on 24 July, focuses on:

  • Urgent referral to hospital from a care home
  • Hospital referral to local authority

The easy read survey focuses on the 'About Me' part of the consultation.

Slides and a recording from Monday's webinar, Masterclass: Remote User Involvement, are available to members by clicking here. Please note, you must be logged in to view this link.