PIF member the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) is looking at how to improve communication in the community health services sector.

It says investment in digital, data and technology has historically been lacking for this part of the workforce.

This makes it increasingly difficult for community health teams to meet integrated care goals and ambitions. 

PRSB has been commissioned by the NHS England community health services team to:

  • Find out about current community services information standards 
  • Identify gaps where more work is needed.

A 10-minute survey is running until 10 September. 

Take part via SurveyMonkey here.

Two webinars to confirm findings and recommend priorities will take place on 28 September and 3 October.

The aim is to draw up a list of standards for community health providers.

The standards will be compulsory for providers wanting to be on a new supplier catalogue.

A final report is due in mid-November 2023.

Discover more via the PRSB website here.