Prostate Cancer UK is calling for action to tackle health inequalities revealed in the latest National Prostate Cancer Audit (NPCA) particularly in the worst-hit regions. 

It has launched a fresh, targeted campaign, encouraging everyone to share the 30-second online risk checker to help men understand their risk and what they can do about it. 

The audit shows men in more deprived areas are more likely to be diagnosed too late for a cure. 

It also found a 29% fall in the total number of men diagnosed in the first year of the pandemic, which could result in higher risk of metastatic diagnoses for years to come. 

Overall, almost 10,000 men each year are being diagnosed at stage 4 in the UK.

The charity has called on GPs to proactively engage higher risk men about the PSA blood test. 

It is supporting GPs in areas of high deprivation to send targeted messages to men at the highest risk, to share the risk checker and help them make an informed choice about testing. 

Postcode lottery for prostate cancer diagnosis

"This postcode lottery for cancer diagnosis simply isn’t fair, and the picture in Scotland is particularly shocking," said Laura Kerby, chief executive, Prostate Cancer UK. 

"Every man should get an equal chance of a cure, which is only possible if his cancer is caught early.  

“We need a screening programme for prostate cancer, and we are committed to funding the research to make this a reality and save thousands of men’s lives.” 

Check your risk and share the risk-checker with the men in your lives

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