The Patients Association has published its five year strategy with patient partnership as its central strategic focus.

Its purpose is to ensure everybody can access and benefit from the health and care they need to live well by ensuring services are designed and delivered through equal partnership with patients.

"Our focus on achieving true patient partnership is vital given the current situation, and the impetus to rebuild services which must be done in partnership with patients and communities," said chief executive Rachel Power. 

"Only in partnership can we hope to address health inequalities and improve health outcomes.  

 "Our strategy will provide guidance and clarity for the organisation over the next five years. 

"We know we will face the challenge of maintaining and growing a charity in a difficult economic climate, while health and care services recover and rebuild after the COVID-19 pandemic to meet the needs of patients."

The strategic focus for 2021-2026 is patient partnership in the design and delivery of healthcare services.

The strategy document can be read in full here.

Read Rachel's blog about the strategy here.