PIF member NICE has published the final version of its new guideline – Vaccine uptake in the general population.

The guideline aims to increase the uptake of all vaccines provided on the NHS routine UK immunisation schedule by everyone who is eligible.

It includes recommendations on:

  • Service organisation
  • Identifying eligibility, giving vaccinations and recording vaccination status
  • Invitations, reminders and escalation of contact

Signposting trusted health information

PIF provided a detailed response to stakeholder consultation on the draft guidance.

We called for a much greater emphasis on the provision of health-literate information in accessible formats that clearly explains the benefits and risks of vaccination. 

Other key points from our response include: 

  • Trusted information on vaccination needs to be embedded throughout the vaccination pathway
  • People should be signposted to trusted information, particularly those with long-term conditions
  • Information should be tailored to specific communities
  • Particular emphasis should be placed on groups at risk of health inequality
  • Information should be co-produced in line with best practice guidance
  • The needs of people who are digitally excluded are considered

We are pleased to see a number of recommendations in the final guideline attempt to tackle the challenge of misinformation and signposting people to trusted information.

Some of our comments on digital exclusion, identifying local needs, overcoming individual barriers and under-represented communities are also represented in the final guidance.

The committee also acknowledged the importance of highlighting risks and benefits and has made a research recommendation to reflect this.

Future research on vaccine communication

The vaccine in the general population guideline committee has made the following key recommendations for research:

  • Increasing vaccination uptake in populations with low uptake
  • Incentives aimed at individuals, family members and carers
  • Quasi-mandation of vaccinations
  • Tailoring immunisation programmes
  • Framing content in vaccination invitations

Click here to read the guideline in full.