Texthelp is offering free 90-day access to its digital inclusion tool Browsealoud, so organisations can ensure their website is accessible to every visitor.

In this time of increasing uncertainty and change, web accessibility is more important than ever as social distancing measures come into effect. But digital access doesn’t come easily to everyone, because barriers on the web still exist.

As organisations take steps to limit travel, cancel or postpone face-to-face appointments and replace in-person events with virtual ones, it’s vitally important that the essential communication published online can be accessed and understood by every website user.

PIF’s partner Texthelp is opening up access to Browsealoud and offering organisations the opportunity to use it on their own websites for free.

Browsealoud provides people with the features they need to…

  • Hear content read aloud via the text-to-speech feature, making content easily accessible to people with dyslexia, reading difficulties and visual impairments
  • Translate web pages into 99 languages, and hear translated text read aloud in 38 languages - a perfect support for English Language Learners
  • Magnify on-screen text to assist users with visual impairments
  • Convert text to audio files for offline listening with an MP3 generator
  • Increase the ability to focus with a screen mask and reading pane
  • Simplify web pages to remove ads and other distracting content, for easier reading
  • Tailor their experience with custom settings, built in to suit individual user needs and preferences


Join the Digital Inclusion movement and use Browsealoud for free.