Nutrition and Diet Resources UK has launched a digital resource delivery system.

NDR Prescribe allows health professionals to prescribe personalised resources to patients, confidentially by email.

Nutrition and Diet Resources UK (NDR-UK) is a not-for-profit charity providing evidence-based, peer-reviewed and patient-tested nutrition and diet resources to support patient-centred care.

In response to the changing needs of health professionals and their patients, NDR-UK resources are now available electronically through NDR Prescribe.

NDR Prescribe allows health professionals to prescribe resources by email with customised contact details, branding and signposting, as well as personal targets, notes and follow up information.

It also allows health professionals to access resources instantly so there is no need to anticipate or preempt patient requirements.

The system allows patients to access tailored, prescribed advice on their phone, tablet or computer, or by printing at home.

Patients can also share this information with family and those involved in their care.

The information is fully encrypted. 

NDR-UK and its web team have no access to patient details.

Following the release of NDR Prescribe, the team is delivering webinars and demonstrations to introduce the new service and provide support when implementing it. 

Contact the NDR-UK team on [javascript protected email address] or 0141 202 0690 for further information or to arrange a demonstration.