Healthwatch has launched its #SpeakUp2020 campaign.

The campaign encourages everybody to speak up about what would make health and social care services in their communities better.

Results will be shared with decision makers across the NHS, social care sector and government.

Sir Robert Francis, chairman of Healthwatch England, said: “Listening to people’s experiences and understanding what they want to see done differently often provides practical solutions that help hospitals, GP surgeries and care services better manage the increasing demands being placed on them.  

“At Healthwatch this is what we do. We take the time to listen, and encourage others, especially leaders, across health and care to do the same. 

"This builds vital insight and understanding that helps services make the right changes.” 

Healthwatch is asking people to share their views on what was good about the support they received as well as what could be done better.

Last year's campaign saw three quarters of a million people share their views with the top concerns being mental health, hospital care and social care.

The survey can be found online here.