Epilepsy Action has produced a series of resources specifically for children with the condition.

Just for kids includes animated films, an activity pack and an updated website for children aged seven to 11.

There are more than 50,000 children with epilepsy in the UK. 

Epilepsy is a complex and serious neurological condition that can have a significant impact on the daily life and wellbeing of children and their families.

From its experience speaking to families, alongside research with young people and epilepsy specialist nurses, Epilepsy Action knew there was a need for information to help children:

  • Understand their condition
  • Feel more confident and less anxious
  • Take part in the management of their condition
  • Discuss their questions and concerns with parents, teachers and healthcare professionals
  • Realise that there are other children and adults with epilepsy

To meet this need, and with funding from the Morrisons Foundation, it produced Just for kids.

Just for kids

Just for kids includes several different resources.

Six animated films featuring characters Anna, Ali and Jack talk about different aspects of living with epilepsy.

An activity pack is filled with a storybook, activity book, crayons, stickers and a DVD of the films.

The pack has been distributed to 150 children’s epilepsy clinics for specialist nurses to use with their patients, and is also available for families to order direct from Epilepsy Action

An updated website brings together new and existing resources for children, including stories, the animated films, a question-and-answer section and classroom resources for schools.

Feedback from specialist nurses

The charity has received the following feedback from nurses.

“First of all I would like to say a big thank you for the packs, they have been well received by our families with young children. 

"They especially like the DVD and Spike and Me, oh and stickers always go down well.”

“Thank you so much for the fantastic packs you sent out, Just for kids, I have included these into our new patient packs with a great response from parents and our young people.”

“Thanks for sending me the Just for kids packs.  I think they are great, very informative and simple for children to understand.  

"I will start giving packs out in my epilepsy clinics.”

Visit the Just for kids website.