This Brain Tumour Awareness Month, The Brain Tumour Charity is encouraging patients to sign up to BRIAN, its online app driven by patient data.

BRIAN (Brain tumouR Information and Analysis Network) was developed to help people cope with a brain tumour.

It is designed to help patients, and those supporting them, to understand how they are doing and make better-informed decisions.

The app allows patients to record their entire brain tumour experience in one place, including symptoms, treatments, side effects and appointments.

It also gives users the option to share this data with anyone they trust, such as families carers or their healthcare team, enabling better understanding.

Tools also includes a Benefits Checker and Clinical Trials Finder, allowing users to access information which may otherwise be difficult to find.

Insights into treatments offered, paths to first treatment and tumour incidence per region have been obtained from ten years of data from NHS Digital and Public Health England.

The app also supports researchers by granting them access to anonymous user-entered patient outcome and quality of life data.

BRIAN provides cost-free access to data sets from national healthcare organisations.

Find out more about the app here.