MSD has become the first pharmaceutical company to complete accreditation to the PIF TICK – the UK's quality mark for health information.

Eighty-five NHS national bodies, trusts and patient charities have now signed up to the scheme.

Achieving the PIF TICK shows MSD's commitment to achieving excellence in the accuracy, coherence and simplicity of the healthcare information it provides to public and patients in the UK.

Ensuring clarity of health information

David Peacock, UK Managing Director, MSD in the UK, said: “Having the knowledge to inform choices about health is a vital part of recognising illness and getting the care that is right for you.

"Information that is poorly produced and too difficult to understand can widen health inequality. 

"Something that has become apparent during the pandemic and in the era of ‘fake news’ is that deliberate health misinformation is a growing threat. 

"We believe the PIF TICK is an important part of helping to ensure clarity of information for those wanting to access healthcare information and to also enable us to look at ways to continually improve the way we do this.”

Commitment to trusted health information

PIF director Sophie Randall said: “MSD is the first pharmaceutical company to join the PIF TICK.

"PIF welcomes MSD’s public commitment to producing trusted health information. 

"Submitting its internal process to external review means patients in the UK can be confident MSD’s information is evidenced-based, patient centric and designed to be easy to use and understand. 

"The PIF TICK defines the standard for quality health information and our team is ready to support all organisations that want to achieve it.”

Colette Goldrick, Executive Director, Strategy, Research & Partnerships at the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, said: “Medicines and vaccines are developed first and foremost for patients and their families. 

"It is great to see MSD engaging with an initiative to help make complex medical information more accessible and easier to understand for the people that matter. 

“This is a positive example of the pharmaceutical industry’s concrete commitment to patient involvement, and something we hope to see more of across health and life sciences.”

Click here for more information on how to join the scheme.

Visit the PIF TICK site to see all accredited members.