PIF member Alzheimer's Society has published a new report saying medical, emotional and wellbeing needs are not being met in a consistent and timely way following a dementia diagnosis.

Left to Cope Alone: The unmet support needs after a dementia diagnosis says this failure is having a 'direct and negative impact' on the health and quality of life of people affected by dementia.

It also has a direct impact on the wider health and care system as it puts people at greater risk of crisis.

Key findings

The report is based on the experiences of more than 2,000 people affected by dementia.

It found around one-third of people do not receive sufficient information about dementia.

Only 16% of people affected by dementia said they received enough support to help them manage their or their loved one's dementia.

When support needs go unmet, crises – such as hospitalisation, carer breakdown and health deterioration – become more common.

Key recommendations

The report presents a practical framework of recommendations to ensure people receive the support they need. The recommendations include:

  • Improve dementia reviews, including more regular reviews for those most in need
  • Improve access to information
  • Ensure equitable offers of support
  • Increase access to non-pharmacological interventions
  • Increase access to mental health and emotional support
  • Ensure carers can access appropriate information and interventions

Read the report in full here.