PIF member Coppafeel! has teamed up with Ansar Projects and Orchid to create accessible body-check resources for people with learning disabilities.

The Know Your Body series aims to empower people to check their own breasts and testicles. It includes:

  • Accessible breast and testicular cancer information packs
  • Self-checking cards
  • Breast and testicular cancer symptom guides
  • Self-checking social stories
  • Information on what to expect if you notice a change

People with a learning disability can face several barriers to self-checking in their regular body-care routine.

These include being able to use health information effectively because of health literacy challenges.

The Know Your Body series has been designed particularly for people with a learning disability.

Ansar Projects is part of the Thera Trust of companies working to support people with learning disabilities.

Download the resources from the Thera Trust website here.