PIF director Sophie Randall has co-signed an open letter, published in the Times this week calling on the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Steve Barclay MP, to develop and implement a national self care strategy.

In October last year, the Self Care Strategy Group, which includes PIF and PIF members PAGB and the Self Care Forum, published a blueprint for self care in England which recommends:

  • Enhancing the role of community pharmacists by allowing them to refer to other healthcare professionals and to access and contribute to shared medical records
  • Ensuring the school curriculum educates children on when and how to self care
  • Making better use of digital technology and trusted information to facilitate self care


Since its publication, the blueprint has been praised in Parliament by MPs and Peers from different political parties who have urged the Government to introduce a national self care strategy. 

We hope the Government will take note of the sector’s calls and seize the opportunity to truly embed self care across the NHS.