Researchers funded by PIF member Blood Cancer UK have created a tool to help early diagnosis of blood cancer.

The Blood Cancer Awareness Measure (Blood CAM) shows where there are gaps in knowledge about blood cancer symptoms. 

This allows focused work to increase awareness and encourage the public to seek medical help earlier.

Blood cancer symptoms

Blood cancer is the UK’s fifth most common cancer. Yet many people are diagnosed late.

Researchers believe this is partly because there is a lack of understanding about blood cancer symptoms.

In response, researchers from the University of Surrey and Queen Mary University of London developed Blood CAM. 

It is an online questionnaire designed to find out how much people know about symptoms of blood cancer.

When researchers used the tool, they found:

  • Nearly 7 in 10 did not know night sweats are a symptom of blood cancer
  • More than 5 in 10 did not know rashes and itchy skin can be symptoms

It is hoped the tool will help researchers understand barriers and enablers to seeking help for blood cancer symptoms.

Find out more

Read the full research paper on the BMC Cancer website here.

Download the Blood CAM tool from the University of Surrey website here.