PIF member Bliss has published new research which highlights the largely unexplored experiences of South Asian communities in neonatal care.

Research by the charity shows greater cultural awareness and better support is needed for South Asian families with a baby in neonatal care.

Many families surveyed had positive experiences with neonatal care and trusted the medical team.

However, there were instances of poor care, particularly for women after birth, and instances where care was not culturally appropriate. Key findings include:

  • 30 per cent of survey respondents felt their need for privacy and modesty was not understood or respected by staff
  • Cultural assumptions may make it harder for fathers to participate in care
  • 50 per cent of survey respondents had to ask permission for skin-to-skin
  • Parents who did not speak English as a first language were more likely to report poor experiences

There was also a perception among participants more widely that families who did not speak English received poorer care.

The report includes a series of recommendations for both Bliss and neonatal service providers.

They include a commitment from the charity to improve the accessibility of parent-facing support and information.

Read the report in full here.