A new co-produced approach aims to track young black men's experiences of community wellbeing and mental health programmes.

Young black men are less likely to access community-based mental health support and are overrepresented in restrictive mental health settings.

Yet there are few culturally-relevant tools focusing on young black men’s mental health outcomes.

Using approaches that lack cultural sensitivity limit services’ ability to know whether they are working well.

They can also lead to mistrust and disengagement.

Funded by PIF member Mind, Centre for Mental Health has designed a culturally-informed approach to monitoring young black men’s outcomes for accessing wellbeing support. 

How are we doing? was co-produced with young black men to identify what impact a service has on their mental health and wellbeing.

Centre for Mental Health is calling on community wellbeing and mental health programmes to pilot the tool to help determine its effectiveness.

Centre for Mental Health