PIF member ALLIANCE has published the key findings from its People at the Centre (PatC) programme to capture the health and wellbeing experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.

PatC engaged with people across Scotland to capture the lived health and wellbeing experience of the COVID-19 pandemic in order to help inform the Mobilisation Recovery Group’s work.

The programme, in collaboration with delivery partners including Healthcare Improvement Scotland – Community Engagement, engaged with more than 1,000 people from September 2020 to December 2020.

A key finding was that people felt the COVID-19 pandemic had disempowered them in their ability to access health services and negatively impacted their health and human rights.

ALLIANCE says, as we live with, and look beyond the pandemic, people should be equal partners in decision making across the healthcare system.

Other key findings and recommendations include:

  • Digital services to increase the availability of healthcare have been welcomed but should not become the default.
  • People's mental health has been impacted and support for mental health recovery must be prioritised.
  • The pandemic has exposed the breadth of health inequalities in all levels of society and more must be done to ensure equitable access to services across Scotland.
  • Wellbeing extends far beyond healthcare. Flexible, person-centred healthcare services are fundamental to meeting people’s needs.
  • People value the NHS but it requires increased investment to be able to deliver the level of care and outcomes to which they aspire.
  • People, communities, the third sector and wider healthcare system can be incredibly effective as a collective force. Adequate resourcing is needed to nurture these communities.

Read more about the key findings here

The full report from the PatC programme Health, Wellbeing and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Scottish Experiences and Priorities for the Future is available to read on the ALLIANCE’s website.

An executive summary, easy-read summary and translated summaries are also available.