Role of a Sounding Board Reviewer

Your role as a Sounding Board Reviewer will be to determine if a resource is effective, relevant and meets the needs of end-users. You will be providing a health information professional’s perspective, using your experience and expertise. 

As a Sounding Board Reviewer you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a current member of the Patient Information Forum.
  • Have at least three years direct experience of producing or providing health information for patients and the public or have significant expertise in a related area.
  • Commit to completing the work by the given deadline (negotiable on each individual piece of work).
  • Agree to take part by the method stipulated (see below).
  • Be constructive and solutions-focused in reviewing and providing feedback.
  • Remove yourself from any work where there is a conflict of interest, vested interest or formal links to the client organisation.
  • Keep all information about the client and product/service/activity confidential.

Sounding Board Reviewers undertake a review of the resource and complete a standard feedback form, including any specific feedback requested by the client. This form is returned to PIF. Responses from all Sounding Board Reviewers involved are then collated (anonymously) and sent to the client. We expect feedback will be provided to the client within a period of 20 working days.

Recompense for your time

Each time you act in the capacity of a Sounding Board Reviewer, and complete work as requested, you will receive:

PaymentWord Count
£25 - £40Less than 2,500 words
£50 - £60Between 2,501 and 5,000 words (Commercial)
£75 - £90Between 5,001 and 7.500 words
BespokeAny resource over 7,500 words

Note - Recompense is dependent upon whether the person or organisation requesting use of the Sounding Board is a not-for-profit or commercial organisation. 

Using your recompense

You can use this recompense in one of two ways: 

  1. You can receive a credit note which you can use to reduce your annual PIF membership fee, or against the delegate fee for a PIF event you wish to attend.
  2. Receive payment. In order to do this you will need to submit an invoice to us. If you are invoicing as an individual, rather than on behalf of your organisation, be aware that if you are not self-employed this may affect your tax arrangements. All tax liabilities are the responsibility of the Sounding Board Reviewer and not PIF.

Please note: 

  • There is no guarantee that your services as a Sounding Board Reviewer will be regularly required. Each project undertaken by the Board is different and you may not be required each time.
  • Appointment to the Sounding Board is at the discretion of PIF. We ask that you complete work promptly when you have agreed to undertake it, maintain high standards and uphold the reputation of PIF at all times. If you do not comply with these requirements PIF has the right to remove you from the Sounding Board register.
  • Although the Sounding Board is a service for reviewing resources, from time to time clients may request a review of services, campaigns or ideas. These cases will be assessed and delivered on a case by case basis and may require a different feedback mechanism or approach from the Sounding Board.
  • Clients may very occasionally request a face to face meeting with a group of Sounding Board Reviewers. In these cases recompense of expenses and time will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Apply to join the Sounding Board


Complete the form below to apply.  We will contact you to confirm your appointment to the Sounding Board upon review of your application.

Personal Details
Provide a brief synopsis of your experience in health information (please provide examples or references to your work)
Provide a brief synopsis of your area of expertise, for example producing information for specific audiences, in particular formats or related to particular topics
Name and contact details of a referee: (someone who can comment on your recent work (within the last 3 years) as a health information professional)
Terms and Conditions

You can read the terms and conditions of membership here.

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