PIF partner PRSB is consulting on a draft standard to improve the quality and accuracy of data recorded during NHS Health Checks.

PRSB is consulting with health and care professionals, patient representatives and IT suppliers through webinars, surveys, and targeted engagements.

The first consultation events are a series of webinars where delegates can review and comment on the draft standard to help improve people’s uptake of the check.  

Service providers and Health Checks users can register to attend one of two webinars on 15 and 18 April.

Suppliers can register for a webinar on 19 April.

NHS Health Check 

The NHS Health Check programme is a national initiative targeting adults aged 40-74.

It aims to improve health outcomes by early detection and management of key risk factors that contribute to premature mortality. 

The program operates through local authorities and healthcare providers, offering routine check-ups every five years to eligible individuals.  

Having accurate and accessible data is essential for effective clinical decision-making and program evaluation. 

Currently, variations in clinical templates used across different regions have led to inconsistencies in data recording.  

PRSB is collaborating with the programme to develop a nationally agreed information Standard to guide the design of clinical templates.

This will allow uniform data collection and improve the quality and accuracy of recorded information.  

Find out more and register for the webinars via the PRSB website here.