A new quality mark for health content creators has officially launched today (20 March 2024).

The Individual PIF TICK helps creators to show they are meeting 10 key criteria for producing trusted health information.  

It builds on the success of the PIF TICK for organisations – the only independently assessed quality mark for print and online health information.

PIF TICK manager Dan Wills said: “How people search for and use health information is changing. 

"This extension of the PIF TICK scheme will help more people than ever easily recognise and access trusted, evidence-based information.”

The official launch of the Individual PIF TICK follows a successful pilot.  

Four health content creators publishing on various social media platforms took part – Doctor Azmain Chowdhury, Doctor Sophie Newton GP, Doctor Liz O'Riordan and Pharmacist Virginia Chachati.

A trusted information quality mark

The Individual PIF TICK allows health content creators to:

  • Be part of the solution to health misinformation
  • Gain a trusted information quality mark
  • Get expert support from a community of health information creators
  • Feel confident they are producing accessible and evidence-based health information
  • Ease pressure on NHS services

Dr Chowdhury said: “I think the PIF TICK pilot has really helped consolidate the way that I make content. 

"There's just so much misinformation out there. I think this scheme really encompasses the fact that we're coming together as a community of health creators and championing high standards for the content that we make.”

Pharmacist Virginia, said: “It's so helpful to go back and see my process documented and see what worked. I can then actually repeat that process again for more videos in future which means I can have even more impact.”

Dr O’Riordan said: “It has made me realise I want to tell my audience what they want to hear, not what I want to tell them. 

"It has helped me make sure I am using accessible words and language users can easily understand. It has also made me realise most of the content out there is never checked by anybody.”

Signposting trusted health information

The PIF TICK makes it quicker and easier for healthcare professionals to signposting trusted health information. 

This can help relieve pressure on frontline staff and empower patients to take part in shared-decision making.

Dr Newton said: “By creating health information videos I'm very efficient and I can manage people appropriately. 

"It means I have got appointments available for the people who do need that consultation. 

"I want the patients to be empowered to have better engagement but also it is about the wellbeing of staff. 

"As a frontline GP myself I know there are absolutely crazy pressures. I really feel like this is a great solution that I want more GPs to find out about and get on board with."  


Launched in 2020, the PIF TICK has more than 120 accredited Trusted Information Creators. 

This expansion of the scheme will help increase access to trusted information for everyone and build collaboration between accredited members.

Macmillan Cancer Support has been an accredited member of the PIF TICK since the scheme’s launch and sits on the advisory group.  

Head of Content Sara Allison said: “In a world full of vast quantities of health information, as well as misinformation, the PIF TICK accreditation scheme is a valuable and simple way to reassure people the information they are accessing is reliable, accurate and trustworthy. 

"At Macmillan, we create a huge amount of information to inform and support people with cancer as they go through diagnosis, treatment and beyond. 

"We are proud members of the PIF TICK scheme, and thanks to the rigorous requirements of the accreditation, we also have a better understanding of which partners we can safely collaborate with, or whether a piece of information is safe to signpost towards.”

Find out more

Health content creators interested in joining the Individual PIF TICK can visit pifonline.org.uk/pif-tick

View all accredited Trusted Information Creators at piftick.org.uk