A global consultation about the importance of universal access to reliable health information is continuing, with open discussions based on questions from a worldwide survey.

The consultation is being run by PIF member Health Information for All (HIFA) in collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Views and support continue to be collected via HIFA discussion forums. The forums originally ran parallel to the survey.

Posts currently seeking views include:

  • Should access to reliable healthcare information be a human right?
  • Universal health coverage cannot be achieved without universal access to reliable healthcare information
  • Improving the availability and use of reliable healthcare information would lead to substantial improvements in quality of care and health outcomes

The survey ran from 15 August to 21 October and was available in nine languages. It received more than 2,400 responses from all over the world.

Digital Medic at Stanford University, California, is currently analysing the results of the survey.

HIFA is due to deliver a report to the WHO in December. This will inform activity in support of universal access to reliable healthcare during 2024 and beyond. 

Find out more about the global consultation on HIFA’s website here.

Join a HIFA discussion forum here.