The Patients Association and National Voices have published manifestos ahead of an expected 2024 election.

In its manifesto, PIF member the Patients Association calls for patient partnership across health and care services. It wants the next Government to:

  • Take patient partnership from theory to practice  
  • Make increasing the availability of quality care a national priority
  • Place health at the heart of government
  • Deliver genuine two-way communication between patients and health and care services
  • Provide the workforce patients need

National Voices' manifesto was co-produced with members. It sets out three main priorities:

  1. Pioneer a cross-government strategy to reduce the gap in healthy life expectancy  
  2. Introduce a package of measures to reduce the health impact of the rising cost of living
  3. Focus on getting the basics right

Read more about the Patients Association manifesto here.

Read more about the National Voices manifesto here.