A new report explores how integrated care systems (ICSs) and industry can work together to solve the challenges facing health and care.

Partnering with purpose: how integrated care systems and industry can work better together is based on a series of masterclasses with NHS system leaders and industry experts.

It was published by PIF member the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) and the NHS Confederation.

The report identified four priority areas:

  • Health innovation networks should support ICS organisations to improve local economies by strengthening their positions as anchor institutions
  • The NHS Confederation and the ABPI should develop practical guidance for partnerships
  • ICS leaders should be supported to use evidence of successful partnerships to stimulate further cross-sector collaboration
  • NHS and industry leaders should be supported to enhance their understanding of partnership operating frameworks and sources of assurance, including the ABPI Code of Practice

Read the full report via the NHS Confederation website here.

Case studies

To support the launch of the report, the ABPI has published a refreshed library of case studies.

It includes more than 100 examples of successful NHS and industry partnerships.

The examples aim to show what can be achieved when industry, NHS organisations, and in some cases, charities, work together to improve patient care and NHS performance. 

Access the case study library here.