The 2023 update of our popular guide aims to help anyone who creates health information for children and young people improve what they do. 

It focuses on the practical aspects of creating good health information, including involving children, choosing the right format, writing for children, and tackling sensitive issues.

It places health inequality and the need to engage children and young people of all backgrounds at its centre. 

Case studies provide both practical tips and inspiration. 

The guide covers the use of stories and play, social media and apps and how and when to give information. 

It provides guidance on digital, mental health needs and working with children who are traumatised or at risk of violence.

Experts from child psychiatry, leading children’s health charities, Barts Health NHS Trust and NHS England contributed to the guide. 

This guide was part funded by NHS England.

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Producing Health Information for Children and Young People


2023 Update

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