Covid Choices: Do I feel safe to go the GP or hospital? What concerns me? PIF survey  #CovidChoices

The Patient Information Forum ran a survey on Covid Choices. It asked how people are balancing the need to have new or ongoing health conditions treated and managed versus the risks of contracting COVID-19.

The aim of the survey was to identify the factors important to patients’ decision-making. This will help charities and the NHS produce the information patients need to make crucial decisions about health and well-being.

We have spoken to our member organisations and patients about the factors of concern and developed a survey that reflects the over-arching themes.

The data will be used to update PIF’s existing guidance on risk communication and will be shared to our partner network.

PIF has received partial funding from Norgine, an existing PIF industry partner, to support the project.


The Main Findings report is available to download below

Covid Choices Survey – Main Findings

Covid Choices Survey – Main Findings