Making shared decision making a reality – PIF and Patients Association partnership work in Nottinghamshire

PIF and The Patients Association are collaborating with NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire on a shared decision making project in musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. 

We are working with the Notts My Life Choices panel, chaired by Keymn Whervin, throughout the project. The first step is to review materials to support shared decision making on the MSK pathway, including pre-consultation questionnaires developed by the MSK team.  

The intention is to co-produce materials to be embedded with the Notts NHS App and Patient Knows Best to support people prepare for shared decision making. Material will also be available in non-digital formats.

The project will look at the implementation of shared decision making tools and how and when they are used by patients and healthcare professionals through the shared decision making process. The project will also seek the views of patients on what they want from shared decision making conversations.

The aim is to improve patient partnership in decisions, the decision-making process and decision satisfaction. The ultimate aim is for the right patients to go for MSK surgery at the right time.

AbbVie has provided funding to support this project, however, control remains with PIF and the Patients Association, who are responsible for overall planning and delivery. No company will have any influence on the outcomes of this project.