PIF member the UK Paruresis Trust (UKPT) has been chosen to work with a digital health information prescription system.

Healthinote allows healthcare professionals to signpost patients to clear, reliable health information quickly. 

The service, run by PIF member Cognitant, offers healthcare professionals an online library of information which can be passed to patients in a prescription.

Materials in the library are reviewed to ensure they remain relevant and trustworthy. 

Paruresis, sometimes called shy bladder syndrome, is when people have trouble peeing when there are other people nearby.

As GPs rarely come across the condition, UKPT hopes Healthinote will help direct people with paruresis to accredited information.

Many charities offer very specific information that may be outside the scope of some health professionals.

Other PIF members partnering with Healthinote include Kidney Care UK and RNIB.

Healthinote is used by more than 3,000 GP practices throughout England and Wales.

Read about UKPT’s work with Healthinote here.