A new website aiming to raise awareness about osteosarcoma is being set up with funding from PIF member the Myrovlytis Trust.

The Fight Osteosarcoma Through European Research (FOSTER) website highlights the urgent need to research osteosarcoma more fully so more people survive for longer.

It also connects international experts on osteosarcoma – the most common primary bone cancer in teenagers and young people.


The Myrovlytis Trust is a member of FOSTER. 

With 265 members across 19 European countries, it aims to accelerate research through collaboration.

FOSTER consists of eight work packages. Each work package aims to answer different questions about osteosarcoma and identify gaps in the research.

The Myrovlytis Trust has funded the website which is now live.

Find out more about FOSTER via the Myrovlytis Trust website here.