The Perfect Patient Information Journey is PIF’s long running project investigating how high-quality information can be provided throughout a person’s journey with a long-term condition. The project has published two major reports and a third report on evaluating the impact of health information will be published in 2020. 

The phase 1 report, The Perfect Patient Information Journey, was published in May 2017. It reviewed the available academic evidence and used focus group discussions with patients and healthcare professionals to identify what was necessary for a Perfect Patient Information Journey.

The Perfect Patient Information Journey took the findings and recommendations of the first phase research and applied them in practice in two pilot projects at St Mark’s Hospital, North West London and Hereford County Hospital Trust.

The results of this work were published in 2018 in the phase 2 report, 7 steps to help health services improve information for people with long term conditions. By using the 7-step process, services can create a Perfect Patient Information Journey and transform the information experience of patients in a matter of months.

The findings of both phases of the ‘Perfect Patient Information Journey’ have been combined into a single set of recommendations.

We are grateful to AbbVie for providing funding to support the Perfect Patient Information Journey programme.

PPIJ 1 cover image

PPIJ Phase 1

PPIJ 2 preview image

PPIJ Phase 2


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